30 Embarrassing Things To Send Your Enemies In The Mail

Who does not like revenge? It is the best feeling to get back at your enemies.

It is not that easy to send a mail to the enemy, but if you are a revenge lover, then you might have thought about it.

You may have things ready for your enemy in the past but you have never sent any.

In this article, I will share 30 embarrassing things to send your enemies in the mail as an act of revenge.

Things To Send Your Enemies In The Mail

Things To Send Your Enemies In The Mail

Everyone wants to annoy someone but if you have sent an annoying gift to anyone you can be sure that they will not forget you.

There are certain things that can make you feel embarrassed when you send them to someone else.

Here are the best embarrassing things to send your enemies in the mail.

1. Old Shoes

If you want to make your enemy feel like crap then you need to send him some old shoes.

It is an old trick that has been used for ages.

They might think that you are crazy and they will hate you for sending them old shoes.

Even if they say no or throw the shoes away it will be a good idea to send them to them.

If you have no time then you can make a message with the shoes and send it.

So, you should keep a pair of shoes that are getting old to make your enemies feel embarrassed.

2. Angry Looking Potato

You need to send your enemy an angry-looking potato.

The message is in the potato, you should write something about the person and make it look angry.

You should put his picture and make it look angry.

If you really want to make him feel bad then you should cut his face out from the potato and send it to him.

That will make him feel bad because he will see what looks like his face.

3. A Box Full Of Sand

A Box Full Of Sand

The sandbox is another way to make your enemy feel bad.

You should put his picture in a box and fill up the box with sand and give it to him.

This is a good way to make your enemy feel bad because the more you put, the more he will feel like you are crushing him.

4. Eggplant

If you think someone is acting weird, you should send him an eggplant with a picture of him in it and it will make him feel really bad.

There are several ways you can send an eggplant to someone.

For example, you can take a picture and draw a picture of the person in it and then add a hat on top of it.

This will make the person look stupid.

You can also write a funny note and put it on top of the eggplant.

You can also take the eggplant and cut it up and make it look ugly.

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5. Poop

Poop is very disgusting. You might have heard about sending poop in the mail as revenge.

This is actually a form of revenge that is very effective because the person who gets it will feel bad.

You can also put in a picture of the person who did the wrong thing to you.

This will make the person feel bad and also make him wonder why you put something in the mail that is so disgusting.

6. Fake Money Or Fake Lottery Tickets

Fake Money Or Fake Lottery Tickets

You can fake money in the mail and use it to trick someone.

You can also use a fake lottery ticket to convince someone that he has won a lottery.

When you fake money in the mail, the person will think that he has won the lottery when he really hasn’t.

You can add your phone number to the card. They will call you and you can make fun of them.

This will make them look greedy. They may get surprised and also embarrassed same time.

7. Middle Finger

The middle finger is used to insult someone in the finger joint.

It is a rude gesture.

If you have done something to annoy someone, and you are very angry about it, you may use the middle finger to express your anger to the person.

In fact, it is considered to be offensive. If you use it to show your anger, then it is considered a rude gesture.

It is also used to show your hatred towards someone.

8. Glitter Bombs

Glitter bombs are used to make people look ugly.

They are thrown on people to make them look bad.

When people throw glitter bombs at people, they may use it to mock them.

If you are not the object of the glitter bomb, then you may consider the glitter bomb a harmless prank.

It is fun and you may like doing it.

9. Mayonnaise (If You Know You Know)


If you are an adult then you will understand that if mayonnaise is given in an envelope then what comes to your mind?

This is a very funny thing that you can send to your enemy by mail and take a kind of revenge.

In the same way, the mind of your anime will also get spoiled and he will keep thinking about what you sent him.

They will feel quite disgusting and will get angry too.

But you can enjoy them by telling the truth later.

10. Non-Stop Music Card

If you want to trouble any of your enemies for some time, then you should definitely send this thing to them in the mail.

Once the card is opened, the song starts and plays for a while and there is no way to stop it.

First of all, know that your enemy feels the worst and you should set the same song on the card.

And now you’re done, go trouble them.

11. Shock Pen

If you want your enemy to get a blow and you enjoy it, then this trick will be very useful for you.

You have to give them a shocking pen by mail and when they get that pen and when they use the pen they will get a shock and they will go crazy.

You can try this method in school and also with your friends.

This is a very funny trick that can make go anyone crazy.

12. Empty Box

Empty Box

Who likes empty boxes in the mail?

You have to send an empty box as a gift to your enemy, if you want, you can also write some funny notes for your milking in it.

When they will open this gift box and they will get an empty box.

Then you will see that their mood will be completely spoiled or else they will start getting very angry at you after reading what was written in their notes.

13. A Vomit Bag

If you want to make your enemy feel very disgusting, then you see them by sending vomit bags to their mail.

And what could be worse than this?

Believe me, if you have an enemy or a good friend, seeing a Vomit bag, anyone’s mind will get spoiled and they will abuse you a lot for sure.

It is not necessary that you have to send the original vote to them, you can also create a fake vote and see their reaction.

It really works.

14. Bad Smelling Candles

Yes, even with candles, you can prank your friend or any enemy well.

These days, many such candles come, which after burning they smell very dirty.

You send some similar candles as a gift to your enemy in their mail and then see their reaction after lighting the candles.

It is important that you first know what they do not like the smell of and then there is no need to tell me what you have to do next.

15. A Dead Fish

A Dead Fish

A dead fish is something that everyone hates to see.

It smells bad, too. Some people say that it looks disgusting.

If you know that your enemy does not like to see or eat fish, then you can do this prank with them.

You can wrap a dead fish in their mail and send them as a gift.

They will not like this thing at all and you will also be able to take revenge on them.

16. Brinjal Or Banana

An adult knows very well what we understand by Brinjal and Banana.

In the same way, your enemy will also understand and tell them how big (d*ck head) they are.

This action of yours will make them feel insulting and they will also get angry with you.

You send them a banana in the mail and if possible, you can also paste a picture of them on that banana, this will make your prank more fun.

17. Old Clothes

Sending your old clothes to someone is no less than an insult.

In the same way, you can insult your enemy by sending your old clothes.

They will feel very disgusting due to this act and may burn your clothes in anger.

They will feel like you want to humiliate them and this method will work.

18. Funny Toilet Cakes

Funny Toilet Cakes

How about when you get a cake on your birthday and it is in the design of your toilet?

Quite disgusting and funny isn’t it?

Well, why don’t you also make a cake for your enemy which looks like any of their toilet items?

Such as toilet seat, wash basin, toilet brush, toothbrush, etc.

They will feel very disgusting with this gift of yours and you can enjoy them.

19. Perfect Implants

You can do this prank with those whom you do not like at all.

And this is also a kind of insult too.

You can give them fake muscles, fake tits, or fake stomachs in the mail.

So that you can tease them it is kind of body shaming but perfect to give to the enemy.

20. Cigarettes Filters

If you have an enemy who smokes a cigarette or does not smoke.

This trick will be very useful to prank them.

The filters of cigarettes are similar to waste.

And if you send it to them it will be a great insult to them.

This will let them know that they are like garbage and that you do not respect them at all.

You can fill the filters of cigarettes in a box and send them to their mail.

21. Sweaty Socks

Sweaty Socks

Sweaty socks are another prank that you can play on your enemy to make them feel uncomfortable.

There is no good way to make fun of someone, especially with their clothes.

You can use sweat socks to make them feel really uncomfortable.

If you want to humiliate them, this is the best way to do it.

You can put this in the trash and make it stink and then send them in their mail.

The stench of this will spread around the whole place and make the enemy think about what you did.

Your enemy will not want to wear those socks anymore.

22. Eaten Chewing Gums

Take a box and put the chewing gum you have eaten in it and then send it to your enemy by mail.

His reaction will be really worth watching.

No one likes to even set foot in chewing gums, then here you are giving a gift.

Your enemy is going to find it very bad and you get ready for a fight.

23. Underwear

If you’re looking for ways to get back at someone, then you should consider sending them underwear.

This is one of the most effective forms of revenge known to man.

After all, no matter how much you may dislike the person, there’s nothing more humiliating than receiving a pair of dirty undies in the mail.

You shouldn’t be surprised if this tactic doesn’t work for everyone.

In fact, it won’t have any effect on some people.

24. Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Sending toilet paper to someone is similar to garbage.

If you are sending this to someone, it means that you consider them to be similar to toilet paper.

Just use and throw away.

In the same way, by sending this to your enemy, you can show him his status.

You can wrap them as a gift and send them in their mail.

25. Cockroaches

Who likes cockroaches?

But imagine what would you do if you got a box full of cockroaches in your mail?

You will start panicking when they will fill your house and before that, you will feel very bad.

Do you want to experience any of your enemies?

26. Stress Balls

Your enemy is tired of losing defeat to you and now you want to make them feel a little relaxed.

You give them a teasing letter and a stress ball in their mail to tease them.

This will make them very jealous of you and will feel disgusting as well.

But you have done your job. Now it’s up to them how they use your stress ball.

27. Paper Wrapped In Fake Blood

Paper Wrapped In Fake Blood

This thing is very cool to scare and panic your enemy.

All you have to do is make fake blood with colors and write a revenge letter from it.

When you send this to your enemy in the mail and when they open it, their senses will be blown away.

He may be more afraid of your action.

So you tell them about it on the phone later. With this, the situation will remain in control.

28. Picture Of Your Feet

Sharing pictures of your feet with anyone is a kind of insult. 

It means that you are showing them their place or status which is really bad.

But if you want to take revenge on your enemy friend. Then this is the best method to make them feel embarrassed.

You can just click a picture of your feet and also you can write their name on your feet or just add a picture on the feet. 

Send them in the mail and then watch how they react.

29. A Bottle Of Pee

A Bottle Of Pee

With this trick, you can easily fool your enemy

Let me first make you understand this trick.

You just need to have a good perfume bottle and in this bottle, you will be changing the perfume with the actual pee.

And then send them via mail saying that you have given them a scent or perfume bottle imported from other countries.

Just don’t tell your enemy friend about this because they will surely know when they use it once.

30. I Hate You Card

This is quite simple and straightforward.

You just need to mail an empty box but with a card written by you.

You can write something like “I hate you” or “You are the worst anyone I met in life”

Also, if you want to add some pictures of your enemy you can edit them and make them look funny.

So, at last, you can share any of the following embarrassing things shared above.

Closing my article with this 30 list of things to send your enemies in the mail.


Things To Send Your Enemies In The Mail - Conclusion

If you want to make the life of someone a living hell or if you are facing any problems with your enemies.

Then this is the best way to make them upset and make them lose their confidence.

So, go ahead and send them mail and make them angry.

I am sure that you will be ready to laugh once you see the things that you have sent to your enemies in the past.

These things will definitely make them feel embarrassed and will give you a good laugh.

So, don’t miss the chance and send these things to your enemies now.

We will wait for you to send it.

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