25 Foolproof Excuses To Spend The Night Away From Home

Why do you need to stay at home when you are feeling bored?

Most people try to find ways to escape from the house and spend time with friends and family, but it is the most dangerous habit.

If you want to escape boredom and loneliness, you need to come up with excuses to spend the night away from home.

Here are some of the best excuses that will help you to spend the night away from home:

1. Group Project Or Study Session

This is one of the best excuses a student can make.

If you have an assignment, meeting, or group project, then there is no way that you can go home.

When you are working on group projects, they will not suspect something, especially if the work appears to be going great at first.

This is the perfect excuse as it can work for school students.

2. My Good Friend (Friend Name) Just Lost Lost Her Relative In The City

If your friend lost someone in a city, then you need to help them with this situation.

You should not be seen going out to the city unless your friend has asked you to go with her.

It is better to ask your friend to get someone else to go with you because this will make you look more like a good friend.

If you think you will be asked why you are staying away from home, tell them that you are a good friend who just wants to offer their support.

3. My Friend Is Sick

My Friend Is Sick

If your friend is sick, then you need to stay home and make sure that they do not feel worse than they already are.

If you are asked why you are staying home, say that you care about them and you want to make sure that they are comfortable.

Make sure that they are okay by checking in with them every hour.

If your friend is feeling better, then it is a good time to leave, and make sure that you return home at a certain time.

4. Today Is His/Her Birthday

A birthday party can be a good reason to stay away from your home and spend the night partying with friends.

If your friend has a birthday coming up, then you might want to stay at home to celebrate with them.

If you are asked why you are leaving home, tell them that you just wanted to celebrate his/her special day.

Be sure to let them know what time you will return home so they do not worry about you.

5. I Have To Submit The Report By Tomorrow (With Friends)

A report card deadline is an excellent reason to stay away from home.

When you are asked why you are leaving, you can say that you have something important to do tomorrow and you have to submit the report by tomorrow.

If you are home on a school night, it would be a good idea to have your parents send you a note.

Tell them that you are fine and will call or come home when you are done with your assignment.

It would also be best if you told your parents about your plans so they know that you are safe.

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6. Short Trip With Your College Buddies and Will Return Home In a Day

Short Trip With Your College Buddies

 You are going on a short trip with your friends and will return home in a few days. You should let your parents know this so they do not worry.

If you are going to stay overnight, tell them that you are staying at a friend’s house.

It would be a good idea to give your parents a quick call to confirm that this is true so that they will not be concerned about you.

They will probably ask for more details about the trip, but it is better to leave this up to you.

This is a good way to get out of home without getting into trouble.

7. Friend’s Parents Are Out Of Town

Your friend’s parents are out of town, and they will not be home for the night. They have given permission for you to stay with them.

This can be a very dangerous situation as you are alone.

You will need to make sure that you have permission from your parents before doing this.

If you do not have their permission, you could get in trouble.

Your friend should give you his parents’ phone number so you can call and confirm the plan.

He or she should not call your parent’s home as they could be traced.

8. My Friend Met With an Accident Or Any Emergency

You can tell at your home that your friend has met with an accident or emergency.

They will need you to come over immediately. The sooner you go the better as it is important to check on your friend.

It’s obvious that they won’t be throwing any questions at you because they will not be thinking straight.

Your friend could be injured, bleeding, or even worse.

It’s a great excuse for you but don’t forget you are panicking your parents as well try and think of something else.

9. My Friend Is Alone and He/She’s Is Afraid Of Ghost

My Friend Is Alone and Is Afraid Of Ghost

This is a kind of fun excuse and I am sure this will work.

Call your parents and tell them that your friend is all alone in his/her house and she/she is afraid of ghosts.

Tell them that you are going to stay with your friend for the night.

If they ask you why then you can say he/she needs my support and I am afraid to leave him/her alone. You know they will not suspect a thing.

10. Girl’s Night Party (Works For Girls)

Call your parents and tell them that you want to go out for a fun party.

Be very casual about it so that they don’t suspect anything.

Tell them that your friend is sick and you have come to visit her and stay for the night.

They might ask you where the party is but if they do then just say that it is nearby.

Try not to give too many details. They don’t need to know where exactly.

Tell them that you need a break from your studies and you want to go to a party with your friends. They will never suspect anything.

11. Boy’s Night Party (Works For Boys)

No doubt that your parents will understand since you are a teenager.

Ask them if you need to spend the night with your classmates and if there is a boy’s night party then you should definitely attend.

Be sure to tell them that it is just for boys.

If the parents are okay with this then you will be able to go and spend the night at the party.

The next morning, before leaving for home tell them that you needed to stay back for some urgent work.

This will keep your parents quiet and they will never be suspicious.

12. Create a Fake Fight/Argument Scene With Parents

Create a Fake Fight Scene With Parents

It’s a hilarious excuse to get out of the home.

This is something you must try if your parents are having issues with your homework or your grades.

It is really easy to do and all you have to do is fake a fight or an argument with them and pretend like you are mad about something that is not even a big deal.

Tell them you are tired from studying and that you need to sleep on a full stomach.

You can tell them that you don’t want to eat anything in particular and that you are going out for dinner because you had a very busy day.

This will give you time to leave the house quietly while they are sleeping.

13. Mess Up Your Room

This is another excuse that will help to go out. 

You can mess up your room and tell your parents to clean it.

And until it is not cleaned you are staying at your friend’s house.

If you are planning on doing this, you have to make sure you do it the right way.

So, when you mess it up you should tell them you have too much homework and that you cannot clean it up.

You can take some pictures of your messed up room and show them to your parents.

14. Disconnect Your Home’s Wifi/Internet Connection

This is a great one!

If you have an internet connection at your home you can just disconnect it and use your friend’s home to get online.

Tell your home that the internet connection is not working and you have some works you need to finish at your friend’s house.

This is a good way to get out without getting caught.

15. I Lost a Bet To Stay At My Friend’s Home Today

This is a fun one!

If you are a teenager or a preteen this one is for you!

Bet your friends that you will stay at their house today.

If you lose, you stay!

This is a fun way to get out of your house without your parents knowing.

You will not get caught if you stay at your friend’s house for a little while and you really need privacy.

Tell them you have a bet with a friend and you have to stay there until it is finished.

Make sure they trust you or it won’t work.

16. Have To Attend a Friend’s Marriage Party

Have To Attend a Friend’s Marriage Party

You can give this excuse to your husband or partner that you need to attend a wedding party and he has no choice in the matter.

Tell him you are going with some of your best friends and you don’t want him to miss it.

If he still doesn’t get why you need to be there, let him know it is a very important event for his sister and she wants everyone to be there for her special day.

It might not sound good but he will find a way to get out of it.

17. Night Shift At The Office

This is one of the common excuses anyone can make to spend the night away from home.

You can tell at your home that you have some extra work to do and you need to be there until it is done.

If they question what you do, you can always say you have an important report to do and you need to finish it before tomorrow.

It is also a very good excuse when you want to spend the night with your significant other.

Just make sure he trusts you or else this might not work.

18. School Or College Reunion Party

Tell your parents that there is a school or college reunion party and you won’t be coming home tonight.

If you are a teenager, you can always tell them you are invited to a party and you won’t be home until late.

If anyone questions why tell him/her it is something about his childhood or something like that.

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19. Friend Is Going Abroad Tomorrow, and Wants To Spend This Night Together

you have a friend who is going abroad tomorrow and you will be spending this night together.

You can tell him/her how close you two are, and how much you want to spend this time together.

If your parents question what you are doing then tell them that you are just going to sleep over at your friend’s place.

20. Friend’s Housewarming Party Decoration

Friend’s Housewarming Party Decoration

There is a friend’s housewarming party and he/she needs me for the decoration today.

One of the best excuses you can make to your parents is to say that you are helping a friend with a housewarming party.

Tell them that if they want to find out the details later then they can call you up.

21. Friend’s Parents Called Me For a Dinner

When a friend’s parents called you for a dinner invitation, there is no need to worry about your parents questioning you.

The best way to explain it to them is that you had planned a dinner with your friend and family.

Also, let them know that you are staying there for a night and will be coming home tomorrow morning.

22. My Friend Has a Delivery (Baby) Date Today

In this situation, your parents will not have any objections since it is the day of delivery.

You should tell your friends that you will be visiting their place for a few days.

When they ask you why to tell them that your parents wanted to spend some time with you.

23. I Got a Job at Night Club (The Fake One)

If you want to spend every night away from home then it is okay to tell your parents that you got a job as a nightclub bouncer.

If you do get a job there then you are on your own and no one will care.

Tell them that you were offered an important job and that you couldn’t refuse.

Your parents will be happy to hear it since you are not hanging out with your friends at night.

24. My Friend Needs Me In-House Shifting/Packing

My Friend Needs Me In-House Shifting

Well, shifting is not a one-man task you can have an excuse that your friend needs your in-house shift.

If he/she has some work then tell your parents that you have to go with him/her to assist in-house.

Tell them that your friend is doing some important work and that you don’t want to miss this opportunity to be part of his work.

Also, inform them that you will be tired and will be staying the whole day with them so that they can give you a good time.

25. You Snore Too Loudly

This is the excuse you can make with your partner, husband, boyfriend, or anyone you sleep with. 

Tell them that you are not feeling well because of your snoring and that you need to go to a friend’s house for some rest.

If they try to argue then ask them to get up from their bed and sleep on the couch.

Don’t worry about your parents’ reactions. They’ll get used to it.


These were 25 lists of excuses to spend the night away from home.

You can use to lie about being tired when you really feel like going out. So use one of these to save yourself from lying.

If you are stuck with no other way out, just tell them the truth but be prepared for the consequences.

Do any of these sounds like the one you’re currently using? If yes, how it is going? let us know in the comment section.

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