24 Fun Bets To Make With Your Crush [Amazing Bets Ideas]

If you’re looking for some fun and unique bets to make with your crush

Then you are in the right place. Below I have shared a list of some fun bets that you can make with your crush.

If you have a crush on your friend or someone you know or recently started meeting someone. 

These bets will help you to know that person more and also help you to make some great memories with your crush.

So let’s dive into the article without wasting any time. 

Hope you like some bets. 

Fun Bets To Make With Your Crush

Who is going to blink first?

bets to make with your crush

You can bet on, who is going to blink?

It is simple, where you and your crush look at each other in the eyes without blinking and whoever blinks loses. 

You can bet on this and make the loser do something that you want.

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Singing Test 

If your crush is interested in singing you can bet on a singing test or competition.

You both start singing your favourite songs or you can select a song first and whoever wins can make another person do something funny.

Who Can Make Others Laugh First 

You can bet on this, you have to make each other laugh in the time limit you set up.

You can set up a time limit of 1 minute or 30 seconds and you have to make each other laugh within this time limit. 

Who Can Make the Best Food 

Cooking Food

If you and your crush love cooking then this bet will be for you.

See who cooks better and tastes each other’s foods and whose food is most delicious wins the bet. 

Who Can Calculate Fast

You can play a number game with each other.

Just follow some simple rules to make your bet more fun. 

Like Calculating something difficult in the shortest time. 

Whoever does that can make one wish and whoever fails to do that has to make a wish come true.

Predict The Outcome Of A Game

If your crush loves sports then you can bet on this. 

You have to predict the outcome of a game or who wins the game. 

You can also play this dare or bet over whatsapp. Also we have specific dare games for whatsapp that you can try out.

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Predict The Outcome Of The Movie

Watching movies together and guessing 

What happens next is amazing. 

You can make a bet on this. You just have to guess what happens at the end of the movie.

And who guesses the right answer wins the bet. 

Who Can Tell The Most Funny Story

This is the most fun bet you can make with your crush. 

You can tell each other the funniest story or you can share some funny event you have seen in real life.

And whoever story is funniest wins the bet. 

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Guess The Colour

You can bet on this. You just have to guess which colour another person likes.

If your guess is right then you win the bet if your guess is wrong you lose.

You can give a hint to each other to make it more fun. 

This way you get to know your crush’s favourite colour which will help you in future.

Hope you guess the right colour.

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Acting Like Celebrity 

bets to make with your crush

You can bet on who acts almost like a celebrity.

You can pick one celebrity and take turns acting like him/her. 

And whoever acts almost like him/her wins the bet. It is fun to see your crush attempt to look like her favourite celebrity.

It is a great memory to make together.

Bet On A Head Or Tails

If you want to keep it simple. Then this bet is for you.

Just make sure you have a coin in your pocket before you do this.

Choose heads or tails before flipping the coin and whoever gets right wins the bet.

Hope you have good luck when you play this.

Guess What Food Other Person Likes

Well, this is the most simple bet you can make with your crush.

You Just have to guess what food the other person likes. 

This way you can get to know what food he/she likes. This will help you in future when preparing gifts or planning a date with your crush. 

Who Can Eat More

You can simply bet on who can eat more.

If you and your crush love food then you might like this. 

You can go to a restaurant and take a challenge there and who eats the most in the shortest time wins. 

You can add different types of foods to make your bet more interesting. 

Share The Most Amazing Experience 

It is a simple and fun bet. Share amazing life experiences that you have experienced in life.

And whoever’s experience is more interesting wins the bet.

This way you get to know each other better and get to know some amazing life experiences that your crush has gone through.

Hope you get to know something amazing.

Guess The Habit 

You can try and guess each other’s habits. 

You can make simple rules like guessing only one good and a bad habit of each other.

Whoever guesses the right wins the bet and can have the right to request something and the loser has to fulfil it.

It is great to know something about your crush. Make sure you win the bet if you want to find out what habit your crush has.

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Fun Bet Rewards And Punishment 

If you are thinking about what the consequences or reward should be. 

Or what punishment to give your crush when they lose your bet.

Below I have shared fun ideas you can use if you like.

Loser Has To Upload A Photo On Social Media

This will be a fun wager. It’s a simple task.

The loser of the bet has to upload a photo of both of you together on his/her social media.

The Loser Has To Take the Winner To an Expensive Restaurant.

You can eat delicious food if you win the bet. Just make sure you have enough money before you make the bet.

This way even if you lose you get to eat together with your crush. 

Loser Has To Follow Order For A Day

This one bet can give you someone who will follow your order without complaint.

You can decide beforehand which order you will follow and which not. 

But even after that, it is great to order someone around.

Loser Has To Make Funny Dance Video Of Himself

This is the fun and simple bet where you get to see the loser make a funny video of himself.

If you win you can ask for a funny video and I’m sure you will never forget this day.

The Winner Gets To Go To Places Without Paying Anything

Travelling Together

You can decide beforehand your favourite place and the loser has to pay for expenses. 

You get to travel free. It is a great way to travel to a place you like.

And you will also get to spend some time with your crush.

Hope you enjoy your time together.

Loser Needs To Complete Random Challenge Given By Winner

It is the most unique bet you can make.

It depends on your mood as to what challenge you want to give to the loser. 

Just select something fun that will make you laugh and that will make it more interesting.

Loser Has To Talk Good Things To Her/Him Friends About Winner

This will be great if you want to see what good things another person will tell about you to her/his friends.

Or you can make it more fun by preparing the script beforehand and telling the loser to narrate exactly what’s written on the script in front of her/his friend.

Loser Has To Give A Gift To Winner

Want a gift? Then you can make this bet. 

This way you will know how much the other person knows about you.

If he/she gives you something you like then you can see for yourself or you can simply see how much effort he/she made.

You make this more interesting by telling in advance what you want. 

Loser Has To Wear What Winner Wants For A Day

You can make her/him wear what you like for a day.

You can choose an outfit that you like, you can choose a joker outfit or a simple outfit that you like.

Choose whatever satisfies you. Take a photo if you like because this day will never come back.

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoy the list. I hope you find some bets interesting.

Sometimes bets can help you to know another person better, but the main purpose of bets is to enjoy and have fun together.

You can make any bets but you have to first make other people agree to have bets with you.

So yeah that’s it from me hope you enjoy this article and found some bets ideas that you are looking for.

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