20 Reasonable Excuses To Leave Your Friends House Early

Looking for a good excuse to get out of the situation you are stuck in?

Then you are at the right place.

Below I shared 20 excuses that will help you to get out of the situation you are in.

Before using the below excuses I will just remind you of one thing that will make your excuse more credible.  

Make It Thorough.

Yes, make sure you tie up all loose ends before making excuses.

This will make your excuses more believable.

Believable Excuses To Leave Your Friend’s House Early

Excuses To Leave Your Friend's House Early

1 Relatives Are Coming Home And I Need To Go And Meet Them.

This works every time, I used this before because you can’t just ignore your relatives.

It is the best way to get out without hurting anyone.

Because everyone will think it is an emergency and you can’t avoid it.

You can also say they come from afar and you can’t avoid them because they are the important guests of your mother or father.

2. My Mom is Calling Me 

Yep, this is the best way to get out of anything and nobody can say anything.

Just say your mom is calling you back and it is urgent.

That’s it and it will work like a charm.

3. Not Feeling Well

You can say that you are getting dizzy or your headache is getting worse.

And nobody will stop you from going home because they don’t want to worsen your condition.

Just a little bit of acting and it works every time.

Or if you feel sick for real then that is more reason to stay at home to get better 

4. Project Excuse  

You haven’t completed your project/ assignment yet.

And you have to complete it because the deadline is near.

You can’t waste your time, just say that you will be there next time.

It is better to use this excuse before even going to your friend’s house. Just say that you will be there for less time because you have a project.

Then you can leave in time to have your alone time. 

Or you can make it up.

5. Doctor Appointment 

You can say that you have a doctor’s appointment or you can say that you have to pick up reports.

Someone in your family got busy and you have to go and pick up their reports.

It happens sometimes and this time it was your bad luck.

Everyone will understand that you can’t do anything about it.

6. Need To Pick Up My Relatives 

Your relatives are coming today. What bad luck, You have to leave early now to pick them up.

In the first one that I suggested, it means they are at home and you need to meet them.

But in this one, they are at the airport and you need to go and pick them up.

You can use it however you want just say you have to go and you can’t do anything about it.

7. I Need To Pick Up or Take Care of My Brother/Sister

Your parents are going out and you need to go and pick up your brother and sister or look after them at home.

This excuse will only work if you have a brother and sister.

Or you can say you have to look after relative’s kids and everyone else is going out for some urgent work.

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8. I have Plans In The Morning 

You are a morning person or you might have to go somewhere in the morning.

That’s why you need to reach home early to sleep.

You can make the excuse that it is a family outing.

9. My neighbors Need Some Help 

Your parents are not at home and your neighbors need some help.

Best way to put it.

You can’t ignore your neighbor’s request.

What a good neighbor does is help them.

So you have to leave early.

You have to make up what help they need because you should know them best.

10. I Have An Interview Today

You can make up that you are looking for some volunteer work and the interview is today.

It will sound more reasonable. Just say you are interested and looking into it.

Think of the name of the organization and location because someone might ask.

You can’t pause there and say let me think about it.

The excuse will only work if you are thorough with it.

11. Need To Buy Things And Deliver Them 

You can say that your mom sent you a shopping list.

Specify the time like I need to give the things to her before 10 or something that works best for you.

Or you can say you need to go because you need to buy some important stuff for your family gathering.

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Excuses That Sounds Reasonable

Excuses That Will Help You Leave Your Friend's House

12. Times up

You could simply say that I need to go home early before it is too late. 

If it is late at night you can say that it is a family rule and just leave peacefully.

Or you can say there is some work at home and I need to do it. 

That’s why before going to your friend’s house just say that you will only be able to come for a limited time.

That will solve most of the problems.

13. Emergency!

There is some emergency at home and I need to go.

You can say that you will tell them tomorrow and just leave.

And when you reach home, think of a good excuse.

Just say that nothing happened and that was a prank call from your brother/sister.

I know it is a little hard to believe but it worked for me.

14. There’s a Party At Home Between Family Members 

You can say that it was decided on the spur of the moment.

And you need to leave because you need to be there.

Just say that let’s see each other next time.

It is common to have family gatherings but this excuse will only work once or twice.

It’s not like your family will party every day.

15. My Childhood Friend Is In The Town

You can say that your childhood friend is in the town.

And you promised him a while ago that when he comes you show him around.

So you need to leave to spend some time with your childhood friend.

16. Something For Work Completely Slipped My Mind

It happens all the time and it is common.

Sometimes you remember things at the worst possible time and you can’t do anything about it.

Work is also important so you have to leave otherwise the situation will be dire.

This excuse will work only a few times and not every time.

17. Be Honest

I know it is hard but sometimes the best way to get out of the situation is just to be honest.

Tell them that today is not your day or you want to go home early.


You can just tell the truth to one of your friends that you trust and then he will help you to go home early.

It is better for two minds to think of solutions rather than one.

18. You Have Been Having Non-Stop Diarrhea

I know you will feel a little embarrassed to say this but if you are a guy or girl who doesn’t care then this excuse is for you.


You can say that you are having some problem in your stomach or gut.

Nobody can open your stomach and check.

Just make sure your acting is good.

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19. My Dad or Mom Ordered Something And It Is Going To Come Today And Nobody Is At Home.

It is simple right you have to be at home to get the package that your mom or dad ordered.

Because there is something important.

So you have to leave right now to get it.

20. I Love You Too Much, I Don’t Think I Can Bear Being Alone With You So Late At Night 

It is a funny way to leave.

If you need to go home and you’re with your close friends.

Then you can make this joke, and in the end, just say I need to go home for urgent work.

And it will just light up the mood before you leave.

They will laugh and say go before we kick you out.

It is the best way to leave without dampening the mood.


I hope you found the excuses you were looking for.

If not then I have shared the links of the articles with more excuses below and in between this article. You can check that out.

Excuses are great and all to get out of the situation but the best way is to be honest.

Because if they are friends they will understand it.

If you have read this far then I hope you will share it with more people.

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