23 Funny Punishments For Losing A Bet [Hilarious Ideas]

In group the most exciting part and most enjoyable part, when you are attending a party or a fun gathering along with your friends, family or closed person is the game session and in that particular giving when it is meant to be for a bet.

Then in this session I’m  gonna cover some of the funny punishment for losing a bet.

Now remember these bets is not circle around for any financial or give and take purpose but it is only meant for creating some fun session along with your close buddies.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Funny Punishments For Losing A Bet

punishment for losing a bet with friends

Stand In The Middle Of Traffic

The very first punishment that you can give to the loser when a particular game session comes to end and this is –  Standing in the middle of the traffic.

Now this might take a slight extra effort to go out on the streets and actually witness this situation but trust me on this when your close friend is found lost in the middle of the traffic.

And everyone in the crowd is surprised by who the heck is that person that is creating some annoying stuff out of nowhere, then witnessing there reaction and looking at your friend in a terrible situation will definitely give you most laugh on this condition.

Get a crazy haircut

This one might sound a very common and will not it give you an inital excitement when it comes to give punishment to your friend.

But there is a twist in it.

Now the crazy haircut depends upon the winner side, so the winner may wishes in any way to give a hilarious haircut to the loser.

And with no hesitation and with no denial the loser has to take this punishment on a serious note, now it totally depends upon the winner side to give different hairstyle which will make that person look totally funny.

Don’t allow that person to cover this certain haircut by anything or means and this should also cover under punishment side & now ask him or her to go directly to the street and enjoy the fun part.

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Drink your coffee in a plate

Now this particular habit might not have been a regular practice in any of the household especially if you are living in US, UK, Canada or outside of Asian countries.

Now when this punishment is done in reality then such situation can obviously worth witnessing moment of your life when it come to enjoy such small moments along with your friends.

For this punishment it doesn’t have to take

a much serious work to do in practice.

But all you need is one large plate and in that you need to fill your coffee, as the area of the plate is larger than the normal cup and it has a different structure it would become a difficult for the loser to actually take a sip from the plate.

Wear a cap of cello tape

This punishment might look very easy when it actually read out but when it is done then for the loser it becomes very difficult and sometime a bit painful.

The idea here is not to go very extreme and make painful stuff but it should be done just for fun part, so that the rest of the audience can enjoy it.

All you have to do, is bring one big Cello Tape and you need to cover the entire head of the loser with that Cello Tape, when it is completely done it might give a new look or in a different words the loser might have a new wig.

The fun part doesn’t end here, now when the loser actually remove the tape which is been attached directly to hair – when it is removed slowly that different voices, the different irritation and the different expression can actually give you tons of laugh in total.

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Moan like hell in escalator

This again become a public task to do but when it is done then for rest of the crowd it becomes a very enjoyable part to actually witness in real.

Now all the loser have to do is whenever you and your close friend go in a mall or a Shopping Centre where you found an escalator then obviously within the different crowd ask your friend that has lost in a game to make a hilarious moaning sound out loud.

If you really want to enjoy these part then try to do this punishment task when you actually found a big crowd apart from your closed friend and then getting their real expression and some real thoughts from the different crowd around can be a very fun part to live with it.

One more additional thing that you can do for this punishment to go on next level is to perform this task when you found an aged people in the escalator and when you

do in front of them then getting some real annoying expression or angry reaction can be very challenging to take on it.

Ready to get off your pant at any time

By the name of the punishment itself you can make up prediction how funny and hilarious this particular task can be for a friend who has lost in a game.

Now when it comes to get off pant suddenly it actually mean that no particular time or no particular allocated period is given as to when this can happen.

It is completely based on surprised element and this can happen in personal or public level. But when you have to increase the enjoyment level then

definitely doing this task in front of crowd can actually a funny part to go with.

Say Yes To Everything

Some of the punishment task in this list has to deal with the winner side.

Because they gonna have some good enough authority to actually make this task a totally interesting one to do for the other friends.

And same does with this punishment task goes along.

The Loser has to say YES to everything.

Be smart enough to win the essential games when it comes to do certain after task from the game.

Because if you are in the losing side, then this challenge can be haunting for you.

The winner side may ask for anything like –

  • Get off the car (In the middle of road)
  • Jump in the lake
  • Behave like dinasour in public
  • Make a scene in mall

And the list goes on and be good enough with the different tasks that you can allocate in this ‘Yes Day Ideas’.

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Funny Punishment Ideas For Losing A Bet With Friends

funny punishments for losing a bet with friends

Scream crazy in front of your school

If you are not among from the toppers list,

then definitely you can relate to this part and actually have some good takes on this task.

Now, note that there is no intention to actually fall for any legal issue but this task should be made completely for old memories and have that enjoyable split seconds.

All loser have to do, is to go back and stand in front of his or her school and scream out loud some of the funny sentences.

And these may be like –

  • This school is very strict to learn
  • They gave me less mark because of my poor handwriting
  • All benches in the classroom are broken

Definitely, as a responsible person you should know your limits and all such sentences should have that fun angle only.

Non stop knocking at neighbor’s house

This particular task can be divided into various action where you can actually can consider your neighbors.

Now again please remember that the purpose of taking your neighbors involvement in this task is not to bring any serious trouble to them during any given period of time.

But it is completely based out of common understanding and common line that is been put through out this given task.

Firstly, the loser can take a help of his or her friend and one by one they all have to knock the neighbor’s house and ask for some help and this can be any such small help by asking some questions or asking some household items for daily use.

This cycle of asking one by one has to go along very rapidly and on a non stop basis – like every one or two minute you should knock your neighbors house.

Definitely by continuous knocking your neighbor’s door, they will get highly annoyed and the reaction will let you know whether this task ends up on a serious note or a enjoyable but definitely for other crowd it will remain a fun.

Bath in the living room

This particular task has involvement of

your friend who are playing a particular game suggestion along with you and now there is an involvement of family members.

It totally depends up to who’s house you are playing such a games but anyhow if there are family members then the real excitement and the real joy will be catered from them more specifically.

Now in this, the losing side or the one who has lost a particular bet – then they have to take there bathing material which would be soap and normal scrub and they have to properly take a bath in the living room.

Obviously there is no need to take out all clothes but it must seems that the person is taking bath and in front of friends and family member.

Drop a peanut butter poop

This punishment for losing a bet might sound and might appear funny and at the same time a bit embarrassing for the one who would be actually doing in real.

Obviously this particular task or punishment has to be done outside and in front of good amount of crowd where it would be easy to gather their attention by doing certain type of things that comes out of nowhere and of immediate response.

Prepare a nice bottle that is filled with plain peanut butter and take that in a crowd along with you.

Now as a normal walk or on a sitting

position, secretly drop some peanut butter to the same way, that would seem that you have actually pooped out of pressure.

If needed, you can ask the doer to

Cream face launch pad

This is one of the most common thing that many friends group and generally it does happen in game session.

But it does go along with normal cream plate and someone actually spill it over someone’s face.

This one has to deal with some launchpad technique, which can be manually built or you can easily buy from toy store.

The idea is to shoot that Cream Plate in

full speed.

When it is launched to full strength and released, then unexpected landing will lead to extreme laugh for the rest to enjoy that part.

Eat & Don’t React

This isn’t just normal eat and drink reaction type of task.

You need to ask your friend to do along but there will be a multiple option through which they can choose from. But now there is a twist & that is choosing will not depend on them but it will totally depend upon there action.

And for this, definitely you need to have some funny and interesting element to

keep it more engaging.

A slide that will act as a slope and at the end of it keep it upto10 different items to taste for and this can be anything like chilly sauce, lemon drink, alovera juice and etc.,

Now all that losing friend has to do is that take a piece of cookie and slide it from the top of that slope and leave it and let the force itself decide as to which of the drink or item it will actually dip in and this total activity will definitely can out to be hilarious one.

Especially once they get caught and asked to try out  different item that is been put and just imagine an Oreo cookie inside Chilly sauce and your friend is ask to eat.

Always remember they don’t have to give any reaction.

Mind your steps

Now this work superbly well, if you have that duplex facility in your house or sole good numbers of staircase in side your house.

This particular thing has to occur inside your personal space and not in public.

And it goes like –

In the staircase set (normally 7 – 8), in each stairs you need to put some crazy stuffs that can lead this entire event to be a complete fun.

Any elements like –

  • Soap water
  • Legos
  • Banana peel
  • Safety pins

You got the point, right?

The idea is to make each stair case a unique in total and a bit slippery sometime, so that it can evoke that true dare emotions.

Now, just to remain in safety side, ask the doer to walk down slowly and be careful. (No one should get injured while doing this).

The Hidden Wall

This particular punishment requires bit of management and a small preparation well in advance to actually be ready to take place along with the friends for any games session or challenges.

In this you will required 3 different kind of chart paper that has to be hang up vertically and should have equal amount of space between them and it should act as a three different temporary walls.

And remember that this paper should not be translucent but it can be of any color through which it does not reflect the other side of the thing.

Now two of the wall has absolutely nothing and which would be considered as a safe zone.

But one of the wall should have a baby pool tube filled with water.

Now the task or punishment begin in such a way that the loser has to come in a running and pass by the three walls completely by actually diving in it.

Quick List Of Funny Punishments

  • Talk to stranger in angry mood
  • Start using products (In Malls) in front of employees
  • Wear diapers & walk on the streets
  • Pant zip open and walk around
  • Eat out loud Infront of family
  • Have to wear an oversized shoe
  • Start a funny conversation with stranger
  • Call your parent (Prank call)


That’s it from the funny punishments for losing a bet. And the whole idea was around to create some good moments that you and your friends can enjoy together whenever you are doing get together.

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