19+ Flirty Responses To Shut Up [Over Texts/In Person]

19+ Flirty Responses To Shut Up [Over Texts/In Person]

Moods always change the responses of the other person and the way it is been reacted to the entire upcoming conversation can take a new angle on it. Thus, to calm out every situation even if the people are not good at it and you know due to some reasons they are behaving in certain ways, then taking things easy can be an ideal way to go.

The best of all, if you can respond in unexpected ways and today I’ll be covering Flirty responses to Shut up. 

You can use this response to the level of understanding you share between people whether it is with your partner, friends, office colleagues, or anyone else.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in,

Flirty Responses To Shut Up

flirty responses to shut up

Why Honey…. Just Listen To Me

A perfect example of making things much easier and calming the other person down with no such quick and angry replies. By this, you are making a good flirty angle and at the same requesting too. 

To the listener, it may sound appealing and comforting. Most probably if they believe in you they will listen to you.

But I Thought You Like My Voice 

A classy way to immediately stop the anger and annoying features of the person in the ongoing conversation. If you have a funnier attitude normally, then the person may think twice before saying another word after this. 

And the intention here is not to end the talk but to peace out everything in the best manner. 

I Simply Can’t Go From Here

To represent the love side of this situation you do not want to miss that person and it doesn’t necessarily have to be your partner. But it can be well fit in office conversations and with colleagues too.

Passing on such flirty responses to shut up from the people with whom you have a good bond will truly and instantly make them realize that you too care for them.

Indeed You Will Go Desparate After This

One of the amazing flirty responses and possibly the best way to win someone’s heart over a heated argument or more likely to Shut up incidents. By this, you are communicating that the other person will not remain calm, or happy and will want to talk even after this.

Such desperation and urgent need will allow the person to push back to softer tones immediately.

Don’t Call Me At Night Then

There are situations where you share things with a specific person at specific times only and that can be daily especially during the night time when one is working and having any such big stress.

Being that person where you always listen to the person’s problems, good moments, issues or anything they particularly like to share with you then definitely by giving such replies they simply don’t to miss you at any time.

Flirty Responses To Shut Up From Her

flirty responses to shut up from her

Can You Be Without Me

A good enough cheezy line to say to your girl. This will surely make her go back and reframe the sentences that she said or potentially she will make her way to keep the conversation going despite the situation.

No girl for instance would like to end the conversation at a faster pace even if it is a serious one or the least important one.

But I Love Your Lips To Be Moving

Another smart and flirty way to win her attention immediately and this is not something related to kissing but a simple talk. By ending the conversation you don’t want your girl to keep shut and sit quietly,

Making this realized to her will indeed help things to carry forward on their own. Nothing is more important and meaningful for a girl than to keep talking with her partner all the time.

Just Look At That Dimple

This is something out of the loop and has nothing to do with the anger or the situation that is been going on but a sudden way to deviate the topic in an instant by igniting her love side and praising her in no planned or meaningful way.

Pointing out things about her that will make your girl smile or feel good is the best way to relax her especially whenever she is not in the mood to carry forward the conversation with you.

Even Your Anger Is Loveable For Me

Despite the situation and no matter how hard angry she is getting over you it is up to you how you manage her and handle the situation in your way where things will come back to their natural sense. 

Conveying her that being in angry mode you don’t want to go away from her or do not want to react in the same manner will have a positive impact on the back of her mind and this will allow her to develop a mature understanding from then.

But I Dedicate My Life To You

This can be taken as be serious note and to be on the flirty side as well. This will instantly trigger your girl to think back that you as a person always wanted good for her and irrespective of the situation or mistakes she might be committing, you gonna always be with her to support and stand by.

Being angry or simply not in the mood to talk and still keeping that humility to have a talk with your girl will surely develop a good bonding and cute timing between both of you.

Flirty Responses To Shut Up From Him

flirty responses to shut up from him

Did You Saw My Lingerie 

One of the extreme replies is to say it’s your boy and the best way to change his mood instantly. The majority two things will definitely keep the boy’s mood always on – One is Food and the other one is having Love timing.

But the idea here is not simply to take it on a love-making moment but potentially to give him hints of love and romantic side of you.

Let Me Relax On Your Laps

One of the best ways to keep him calm and get things to an understanding level is to make him feel loved. Your boy always needs special attention and quality time to spend whether your thoughts match or you have been into an argument.

Simple close sitting and being with him can turn his mood to a different zone and from then he will not pass on such harsh words to you ever.

I Thought To Treat You Like My Baby

The easiest way to make him visualize things that can go extremely well and super loved when he is treated as a small child. When the other person is treated as a small kid who he his only loved and taken care of on good terms then there are high chance that he won’t like to miss that.

Not Going To Buy LipShade Of Your Choice

Denying the facts or choices that your boy usually likes about you will surely keep his mood down and honestly, he can’t tolerate such things for longer days. Therefore, his mood and slight anger will automatically come down.

Appearance can be on anything basis like dress, certain makeup styles, or behaving practices where your boy usually has that in mind you to enact to those terms where he feels more comfortable and closely attached to you all the time.

Passing on such flirty responses to shut up from your boy will get things to turn on in your direction and to convenience.

Ok So You Don’t Love Me Anymore

This can be a simple and straight question to ask your boy simply to cut off the current conversation that was going on and by asking this your boy can’t deny the fact of accepting the love side.

No matter the situation it is quite difficult for the boys to deny that they don’t love their girl just because of being angry or out of the mood.

Carrying forward the conversation to the love side and talking about just You & Him will indeed turn the shifts to deep endearment.

Flirty Responses To Shut Up Over Texts

flirty responses to shut up over texts

Thought You Would Like My New Dress

This one is especially for the girls who are trying to their boys on the most calm and affectionate note. If you noticed that despite your trying to relax your boy (just because he was not having a good day) nothing is going in your direction.

Simply talk about yourself and especially how you can be dressed in a manner where if he were to look at you his mood would completely change to a bit romantic side.

Talking about sharing the photo of being dressed beautifully literally no boy in the world would like to miss that chance to see.

Was Planning To Go On A Date 

Best way to win your girl’s heart over the text after she had texted Shut up to you. There always remains a soft side within the girl where if someone talks to them in a polite and loving manner they are open to listen.

Whether in reality you have planned or not it is great to deviate from the topic and still keep your girl happy in every possible way.

Thinking To Translate Emoji Love Language

One of the coolest and most used and engaging things that the majority all couples usually have in common is to use Emojis. But one of the best things is to dispatch the love language by using different sets of Emojis.

Whether it is simply using a Smiley, Heart, Hug, or Kiss that truly channels the affection.

Would You Like To Share Your Adorable Voice For The Same

Whenever you are in an angry or upset mood and passing on such flirty responses you keep the standpoint of praising your partner by making him or her endure their beautiful voice.

Indeed after reaction will not remain in the same manner that it was going earlier. 

Your Talk Is Sensible But True Lovers Do Take Breaks

This is one of the best ways to highlight the features of your partner where they need to maintain the standard line of conduct in terms of communicating. It will not make any sense to carry on the conversation when two people are in the same zone and conversating in an annoying mood.


Keeping all these flirty responses to shut up ready with you can surely take the conversation to a different sidetone. Upto an individual level and to the situation that you are in the different sets of responses can turn things in your positive direction.

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