25+ Best Comebacks For Shut Up [Epic Replies]

25+ Best Comebacks For Shut Up [Epic Replies]

You are having a conversation and just out of no where, there is one word which is ‘shut up’. Now you don’t know how to respond to that.

In this, I’ll be presenting some of the sassy comebacks for shut ups that will literally help you respond in much better way.

Sometime it is not simply ok to just leave the conversation as it after that single one word. You can either respond it in savage way or if you know that person is likeable, then often responding in genuine way will do it for the situation.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in,

Comebacks For Shut Ups

Comebacks for shut up

I’m Not Your Kid

This is the one of the best way to respond in such situation. Often sometime people treat you like their child and consider that they speak to you in anyway and as they like in front of any people.

Basically, this will stop their slight aggression and will put them in self realization, that everyone has their own self respect and doesn’t matter what is the condition, conversation needs to happen in a gentle way.

If You Think So Then It Won’t

Completely denying at upfront and to the face of the people.

Now, better be in a place of the conversation where you feel like you where equally correct and was presenting some valid points.

Nobody and just absolutely nobody can simply say – ‘shut up’ to you for no reason and or just because they were just feeling frustrated due to some other reasons.

Have You Seen Yourself In A Mirror

One of the coolest reply you can ever give to someone is by simply saying that have ‘you look yourself in a mirror’.

This is a strong statement that is representing a fact that they other person more or less is talking completely nonsense or has a less sense of understanding.

Also it is a shock-back statement to a person that will make him or her realise that how stupid they are looking in front of others when they says such kind of words in a group conversation.

I’m Not That Obident

By this you are telling to a person that listen, I will not obey every single word or a statement by you.

This is not a nursery or kindergarten school that you will obey to every instruction that is given by a teacher or headmaster.

You are mature enough and grown up, you can make your own decision and have a valid point to put in a conversation then nothing can stop you to present it.

You Can Go From Here

When someone says you shut up and you believe that it was passed in correctly and at the wrong time then there is nothing wrong to say that ‘you can go from here’.

There is no enough a room or a space to handle such kind of a person truly shows there in a character and just at as rude within no sense of any proper justification.

Sometime you are nicest to people just by  being not nicest to them.

Nobody Likes Your Company

I know that are many people in a group who are sometime very irritating and they believe that whatever they say or whatever they order to, the things should happen in that particular way.

But you have your own brain too and you can be upfront with such people.

When you know that that person is going to pass every such type of a comment then you can be very straight forward to them and also to end the conversation and give them a reality check.

Better You Fill Your Mouth

How someone can be rude to you sometime things are not digestive easily before there is a need to hit them hard with your words.

By saying this sentence you are definitely showcasing that, you don’t like any of the words or any of the advice of that person.

What looks good in their mouth is when they are having some food or meal which means that they are busy in some other task rather than simply talking idiotic things with you.

You Should Be With Crickets

Like how crickets are being very alone and they could be here only when there is a silence or special at the night time

What a Savage reply!

This will intentionally put a message on to others mind that they are being compared with such am identity to whom nobody gives a damn care or attention & all they can do is just create their own sound for themselves.

What Are Some Good Comebacks For Shut Up?

Did Something Just Came Out Of Your Mouth

This is just to question back and simply denying the fact that you missed out to their certain words which you feel where not good enough to bother about.

This will put them in a surprising situation and it will take a hard time for them to truly digest that someone can reply them with such a statement.

Also by passing such statement you are also confronting that you will continue to have your conversation despite of anything that happen in between.

One way to take this situation in your consideration is that you are shamelessly denying the other person opinion and in fact you don’t even give an equivalent importance to the such words which your ears don’t want to get fit into.

This Isn’t Your Backyard

Sometime some people feel very confident and very freely to have conversation with you in any way and in any tone they feel it is convenient for them.

But if you are mature enough and you feel that you are having a serious conversation, then you should be responsible for yourself to an extend that such people don’t exist in your group circle.

It should be under your at most consideration, that how freely and how much freedom you have given to other person that they can adap to such tone and such words especially if you are in a group with a people that you believe you have certain values and respect among them.

Going at someone place and if that person tells you to shut up, then some point you can consider this to be happening.

But if you are at open space or in a public space or wherever that they don’t own that certain area then definitely you can pass such comments that – ‘This Isn’t Your Backyard’.

Strongly accepting the fact that there is no bounded rules from them that you need to follow.

How Someone Can Be With You?

Truly and I mean this is something serious. Very upfront and simply questioning about their accompany.

And be ready to have some argumentative moments for a short while.

But again, this will bring in sudden stoppage and a seconds of silence after while.

Overall commenting about their individual mentality and their being with other people is just not so normal and easily welcomed and liked by others.

I Feel That I Do Have Bad Network Connection

Now please note that this is not going a conversation over phone but it is very straight forward and face to face.

By this your are telling in face of a person that how heck and how in the holy molly world that you ended in meeting up with such annoying kind of people those who don’t know how to interact with one another respectfully.

Here network means – Friends or colleagues (to be specific).

Sometime, you just need to realize the right moment to speak up about such truth very openly and if you notices, such situation around you, it is the best to take the advantage from it.

It is very convenient to make other understand or for self understanding that such person is not a worthy enough to be included in your group or either you should not be hanging out with them.

Polite Comebacks To Shut Up

Polite replies to shut up someone

Did Someone Just Screamed At You?

Coming up with some good comebacks for shut up is not necessary to be done in giving back a hard respond to others.

But sometime if you know that you have a close friend or having a very close connection with him or her then by understanding the situation or their problem is also a secondary option.

Like by this phrase – Did someone screamed at you?

It totally indicate that you care for them and you don’t want to get into arguments.

What Happen Honey? Did I Hurt You?

One more reply which shows your true understanding.

Sometime, if you know that the person is good and very rare it will happen that they will be using such words for you.

It might happened due to numerous reason or most likely because they are frustrated over something and they feel more comfortable with you.

When you, deeply realize and sense this condition, only then you can remain very polite to them.

It is better to understand their situation, make them feel that there is someone who cares and are present to listen up to their problems.

With a very matured behavior and sounding sensible, you can collectively can arrive at good solutions to solve this out.

I Know You Are Not Such Type

Very strong but also very good statement to pass to someone in such situation.

This directly indicates, that you are being together for a very long time and you probably know about each other very well.

Hanging out with friends or colleagues multiple times, gives you ability to sense how the other person is, how they gonna take a particular joke onto them and so on.

With this statement – ‘You are not such type’ will immediately make the other person to fall into self-realization that they had used a wrong word and they went harsh a little bit.

Totally, silences the conversation but in a very polite and beautiful way which don’t even hurt anyone’s feeling either.

Okay….. But Let’s Talk

This is a perfect response just for to hold back the situation for a moment.

If you are smart enough, then all these comebacks for shut up, you can very wisely according to your own situation.

Coming back to our phrase, when you say – ‘Okay….. But let’s talk’, with this all your intention should be just to make the other person quite (not as a result of rude talking) but in a nicest manner.

Okay…… if you notice, in this we are taking a pause for a bit.

Because there is no sudden rush to arrive at the conclusion hard and fast.

But more likeable it would be much better if you just initate to a take a break from on the current on-going conversation.

After a bit of worthy silence in the momentum going through, now you can ask the other person to let’s talk about it.

Carrying out things peacefully and gracefully is not easy but it requires utmost patience and it’s just an art that you probably can develop within your character.

Comebacks To Shut Up Someone

You Are Not Worth Of My Time Either

Sometime it is better to leave of the conversation just immediately and as soon as you can just in case that your mind don’t get very deep into it and take some extra tension related to it.

Passing onto such statements simply  signifies that you are not really interested in having any terms of conversation.

Let’s Talk To Birds Now

Damnnnn! Epic reply to such words you can probably pass onto. (This can be very funny).
Just imagine yourself into a situation, where someone says – ‘shut up’

And immediately you said – Ok, Let’s talk to birds now.

It will be more fair enough if you are involved in a group but having 1 on 1 conversation.

With that alone statement, you are accepting the fact that you still respecting their opinion but at the same you are in a very clever way passing a solid taunt to him or her.

You Sound Like A Broken Motor Engine

Have you every heard of how motor engine and if is broken then how it would sound?

Something very annoying and non-continous steely noise.

From which you just feel very irritated and just want to get rid of it.

Similarly, you can relate to a person who just let some dirty and annoying words out of their mouth.

Spicy throwback comment to such people.

I Think The Sun’s Ray Falls On Some People Only

Happiness, good things and good news occur or comes in a way to certain people only.

Here by Sun Ray’s we are trying to indicate the scope of positivity.

Good things comes in a way for good people and for those who has a habit of keeping others happy and doing good deeds without seeking anyone’s attention.

By passing such statement, you are just trying to convince that person that they are far behind for today.

Better to restart your day and get things back on work in a optimistic way.

Why Don’t Take It For Yourself

Nobody ask for what it is right and wrong and therefore, letting go with such words is just not done.

There are many people, who are very free in their life and they loves to take interest in every aspect of your life and sometime they behave like they are your’s well wishers.

But let me think, who asked them?

Did you? No right!

Then in such case it will be good option for you to take this phrase -‘Why don’t you take it for yourself’, will be best reply to them.

One Liners To Shut Someone Up

1. I wish I could put chilli in your mouth.
2. Have someone ever listened to you by any chance?
3. I don’t even know who is talking to you
4. As air passes by, I think it is a time for you to pass by.
5. Have someone seen a dustbin because I’m actually surprise to see such a tall trash bin.
6. I think you should take retirement now.

Final Words

Bunch of epic and savage comebacks for shut up and now pretty much you have a very good responses with you to use this sentences when you are into similar situation.

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