15 Popular TikTok Party Games & Challenges

15 Popular TikTok Party Games & Challenges

Tiktok and simply tiktok. This was it! When it first came out and then it’s just created a humongous trend all over the world.

The more fun and entertaining the app is, similarly tiktok party games would be. Some of them might be very simple, childish and some of them can be very hilarious.

One thing which tiktok is famous for, is to set trends and therefore I’ll try to keep few of these game to be around such trendy areas.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Entertaining Tiktok Party Games

Tiktok party games

Drink & Hold

This game is very simple and will turn out to be very hilarious one for the audience and for the creator as well.

Now, in this game idea the creator of the channel will go live along with this audience and he or she will let know audience to decide to say any sentence like – ‘ I went to supermarket and got kicked out’

But here’s the catch,

The creator will drink water and by carrying water in mouth, the creator will speak out the decided sentence.

Trust me, this will give you a lot of hard laughs.

Lip sync challenge

Tiktok party games: lip sync

If you are using tiktok and you are not doing any lip sync challenge then probably you are just consuming content and missing out the fun part.

Tho, it might be very first time for you but you can try out some unique and hilarious movie scene and try to do some crazy lip sync and make the best video out.

Battle Game Challenge

This is among the very new feature of the tiktok and many users from various countries like US, UK and Middle east countries are highly using this game feature.

It’s a short one on one battle game and you literally had do to nothing.

Here, you audience meaning your followers will battle it down for you and they will your points and gifts and ultimately they will be sole decider of this game.

Whoever loses has to do sort of punishment decided by the winner.

Guess It In 3 Seconds

Guess that movie

One of the very old kind of trend and feature you can probably consider this out on tiktok.

The player can go out any category and there will be little pop up message bar showing some figure or questions
All you have to do it guess the correct answer.

Example – It can be a emoji movie guessing game.


Something similar to above emoji and you have to guess it in under 3 seconds. (BTW the answer for above emoji – Spiderman: Homecoming)

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Copy your old school teacher

Now, this game is generally very entertaining and especially for the audience who will be attending the creators live session.

In this two things will happen, entertainment and hilarious engagement.

Rules are simple and more or less it’s kinda dare challenge

Where the creator simply try to impersonate their old school or college time teacher which can be anything,

Their teaching style, funny moments, their voice and etc.,

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Most Virals Tiktok Party Games

Complete the lyrics or…

This was also one of the famous games played by many friends group over tiktok and perfectly well fit for this theme party.

As the name suggest the player has to complete the lyrics and that’s it.

A song will played and will be stopped anywhere in the middle and from their the player has to continue the song and if guess correctly passes the stage.

And if guesses wrongly then some sort of punishment will be given by the group.

Remember the bottle orders

Very interesting and kinda memory game. This game can be played between two players or more.

There will be 6-8 bottles (soft drink different brands) will be arranged randomly on a table.

The other player will be allowed to look over the arrangement of the bottle for only 5 seconds.

And then he or she will turn around.

Now, the bottles arrangement are been changed.

The player now has to arrange the bottle properly in the same previous manner.

If arranged correctly will be rewarded and if not will be spanked by slippers.

Famous song duet challenge

This one is very simple but most common in tiktok party games.

All you have to do is to check what’s popping over tiktok right now and check which song the majority of the creator is making videos or recording duet challenge.

You have to do it in the same way but you can add your unique angle.

Rent Free Video Challenge

One of the most famous and popular video challenge game over tiktok that went crazy all over the internet.

This video trend was first introduced by Jess Marciante.

The video challenge is simple, all you need to do is use a hashtag #rentfree in your video and make something like –
‘What lives in your head rent free’

And show some short clips could be anything or a memory that always tends to be with you all the time.

What Games Do You Play At Tiktok Party?

Fake announcement

Now, this is not very specific related to the trends but could be fun and controversial game at the end.

When you know you have some good amount of audience, then hitting their nerve signals could be good for you (P.S. not always).

All you have to do is make a fake announcement – ‘I’m leaving tiktok…..’

And mention some sad story and so forth.

After hour or so, please comeback and reveal that you were just pranking them all.

Follow That Number

Now, this game is kinda unique and can be played amongst your best friends.

Let say there 5-6 friends in a group who all are interested in playing this tiktok party games,

One by one, each player will take a book and will randomly open a page and let say if the page number is 25

Then that player has to follow number 25 from his or her followers list.

Remember, do not take much bigger book which has over 500 or more pages because it will create so much of work on counting that numbers for long.

It might sound boring but it’s actually fun and your audience will also be proud that you are following them back (if you are too famous).

Blow that balloon

Now, this game particularly created huge outrage over the internet.

Very popular and most followed game trend over US and UK most specially.

In this game, you will need 5-6 players and a big fat balloon.

Now, one by one each player with the help of air blower will try to blow the balloon.

There will be many rounds. Remember the rules, you don’t have to burst the balloon but need to fill in the air.

And whoever pops it up the balloon loses and finally ends up the game.

That player will now face sort of punishment, something like – cream pie face.

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Without Telling Me Challenge

One more in the challenging game is this hottest trend that blew it up like a lined up crackers.

In this, all you have to do make a fun video and put it over your tiktok account handle

And it goes like – “Tell me I’m rich without telling me”

This was just one idea and you can cover almost endless topic ideas and make short funny videos.

What I Mean When I say I’m From

This popular game and video for tiktok made people went to talk about their nation and it’s famous thing.

All you have to do is make one video and in that you just simply list out your countries top liking things

Something like – ‘What I mean when I say I’m from Australia’…..

And then you just simply show some memorable places, famous food, special event, common traditions and etc.,

Play that sound again

Very interesting game and more it relates to your hearing ability.

Might be hard at the beginning but a total fun game play to along with your friends.

In this, you will need 7-8 glass cups and all of them filled with water at different levels.

Now, you and your friend will play the first round.

In this, one person has to go blind fold and other person will hit the edge of all glass cup slightly in any random order.
Now, when the glass cups are hit they produces some tune and because of water is filled at different levels there might be echo and vibrating kinda tune.

The person who is blind folded has to listen very carefully to the tune and remember the exact order.

Now, the person will remove the blind fold and he try to play the exact tune that he or she had heard a while ago.

If they successfully plays the right tune they wins and if they misses out on one shot they loses and faces the punishment.

That’s cover all types and the best tiktok party games you can probably include and have fun in making some challenges and hopping over some vital tiktok trends that bring in more engagements.


What do you do at a Tiktok Party?

There are tons of things which you probably do over a tiktok party. From making some duet videos, lip synch challenges videos, going live and having fun with your audience and the most exciting from all these do participating in various engaging and hilarious games that has been arranged in this theme party.

Does Tiktok have games?

Recently back in November 2018, Tiktok officials had valued the growth and demand of games and therefore they had decided to integrate a separate gaming room in Tiktok.
Where the creators, along with their friends can play their favorite. It’s a smart and marketing step taken by Tiktok because their main goal is to keep audience as engaged as they can.
Therefore, the longer the gaming stream would be the more number of people will be using their platform.

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